We proudly present our ‘Staphorst’ collection, named after the village of Staphorst, a village that is known for its craft, tradition and industry. This is a versatile collection where you can make your item of furniture as modern, rural or classic as you want.

In this collection there are many options regarding measurements, arrangement and finish. You have the choice of various tops, doors and legs or plinths. You can finish your item of furniture by choosing from various types of ironwork, colours and finishes. The furniture of the Staphorst collection is made of rustic (knotted) oak.

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Choose top

You can choose from six types of top:
A | straight top, 21 mm
B | straight top, 27 mm
C | straight top, 40 mm
D | beveled top, 27 mm
E | top with notch, 40 mm
F | high hood, 70 mm (only possible for high cupboards)


Choose door

You can choose from four types of doors:
A | panel door with grooves
B | panel door without grooves
C | straight door with grooves
D | straight door with grooves


Choose leg or plinth

You can choose from four types of legs or plinths:
A | straight leg
B | recessed plinth
C | straight plinth
D | beveled plinth