Brouwers furniture in Staphorst is a reliable and leading supplier of oak furniture. Over 30 years ago, mr H. Brouwer started a furniture wholesaler that was specialised in small furniture.

Due to intensive collaborations with the various suppliers in the region, Brouwers furniture developed into one of the few furniture manufacturers in the Netherlands. Today, BKS has an extensive standard collection, differing in design and style, from modern to classic. We also have a large customisation department where each item of furniture is made according to the customer’s wishes. All our furniture stands for ‘made in Holland’, production with a focus on good quality on Dutch soil.

We work with solid wood of a sustainable quality. We generally use solid French oak, which we buy untreated in the best regions of France. Oak is a unique and characteristic material we know through and through. From this material we produce the most attractive crafted furniture.